Thinking of Selling?

When we work with you to sell your home…as efficiently as possible and for the best price we can obtain. We are working as a professional team, totally committed to the process. Your home represents you and, whether this is to be a move within the Kingston area or a move away, we will always respect your situation, listen to your concerns and present your home for sale in the best possible light!We start off with a meeting in your home where you will take us on a tour to acquaint us with all the features of your home. We are interested in the improvements you have made since you purchased and we will respond to any questions you may have about things you could do to improve the property…to get the house ready for sale. We will make suggestions, based on our years of experience, advising you of those improvements or even little changes which will have an affect on your selling price.We will prepare a market evaluation, showing you comparable properties which have recently sold in your area. Based on current market conditions, we will determine together the best asking price for your home, a price that will attract the greatest number of possible buyers; we will develop a marketing strategy to alert agents and buyers to this exciting new property now for sale!! We will, as always, take advantage of Kingston ‘s Royal LePage profile and top ranking reputation which attracts buyers and sellers alike.Our marketing strategy is extensive and personalized to encourage interest and facilitate a satisfactory sale of your property as quickly as possible. It includes the Royal LePage and MLS internet sites, our own website, media promotion, marketing materials, a distinctive RLP sign on your lawn, networking with agents, target markets, office tour and promotion at sales meetings, open houses, and on and on. We’ll give you the full story when we meet!!You never need to worry that you are unsure of the process or what is to be expected. We are always available and will lead you every step of the way. Listing the house is step one, marketing comes next…and then negotiating the offer and all the closing proceedures. We have support team members to offer additional expertise whenever required.You can rely on the fact that we will streamline the process in every way possible to ensure that yours is a satisfactory and happy experience!

If you're thinking of selling your home in the next year, we can help you. Please fill out the form below to request your homes current market value and a suggested listing price.